Song of the Week – Someone That I Used To Know

Posted: 02/07/2012 in (Re)Tune, Song of the Week, Worth Checking Out
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Of the many things that I love, I derive a significant amount of joy in listening to music and finding new artists. Many of you who know me have probably experienced, and subsequently worried about me, as I “geek out” over a new discovery. Near to my appreciation of music, is my love of letting people know about new songs/artists/sounds I’ve stumbled upon. Every week I am going to be introducing a new (or new-to-me) song that I am currently enjoying… and try to convince you on why you should love it too.

About a month ago I was listening to Pandora and heard Gotye (“go-tee-yay“) perform “Someone That I Used To Know”, and was immediately surprised at how fresh and yet familiar the sound was. Reminiscent Phil Collins, the Police and Toto it is a modern re-boot of all of the sounds I love from the 80s. It is whimsical and reflective but with an a chorus that is livid and impassioned.

While the break-up song will always have a place in music, Gotye takes the convention past the angst-y one-sided lament that we see (e.g. Ain’t No Sunshine, With or Without You or the classic favorite Cry Me a River). Halfway through the song it shifts into a duet bringing the reality that is true with any break-up… the other person. It is a “formula” that I am amazed isn’t employed more often. It takes it from a song that I would honestly love anyway, to a solid favorite. It also reminds me that sometimes the best innovations are the most obvious in retrospect.

The rest of “Making Mirrors” is easy to let play again and again, despite how amazing all the songs are, “Someone That I Used to Know” is my favorite of the collection.

I am not the only person who has this opinion. The covers of this song abound. Have a listen, and check out the two covers included.

Taking an already amazing song and rearranging it so that it can be played by 5 people on one guitar (which I might like as much as the original), or sung a capella by a beat-boxing quintet is worth your time.

Trust me.

Someone That I Used to Know


Someone That I Used to Know

Walk Off The Earth

Someone That I Used to Know


Have a great day,

  1. Mum/Sally Miller says:

    Great song…sad song. The covers are terrific and do justice to the original artist’s message. I love the amazing connection the Walk Off The Earth members have with each other…talk about synchronicity…think that’s my favorite. I have always appreciated your hunger and passion for music, Michael, and most of all your generosity in sharing it with me. I am and will always be grateful for the blessing of being your “mum.” You are a “Magellan” of sorts, seeking new lands in the world of music…keep on, keepin’ on, sweetie!

    • mgmstudious says:

      Thanks Mom :), totally my pleasure. BTW it was hard to pick one this week, only because of all of the awesome stuff that is out right now. Have a great day.

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