Geeking Out Over Six Legs

Posted: 07/14/2011 in Uncategorized

Bugs RockLast night I was at a dinner trying to explain to someone my excitement about protein folding and realized in the midst of the conversation that she was a biology major.

It is phenomenal when you realize that someone has a similar love and understanding of an area of study, that you can use terms like Okazaki fragments and Heme groups and know that they are still on the same page.

As we talked we got onto the subject of education and how she is excited to teach her kids all the things she has learned, and how excited she is to get to do dissections as a family.

The one area that she wasn’t excited about were insects.

Insects?!?!            …Really?

My grandfather was an entymologist (not an etymologist), and worked for the forest service studying bugs and I think my affection for these six legged creatures might stem from there. Bugs are awesome!

Wait you don’t think so? Hmmm okay check this out and see if you don’t think differently.

Let me know.


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