Listen with Headphones… Seriously

Posted: 07/12/2011 in (Re)Tune, Worth Checking Out

Imogen heap has released heapsong2 = Propeller Seeds.

The initial idea was tied to how sycamore seeds fall… which is incredible if you have never seen it before.

Also cool, but in a different way, is that this song is recorded so that with headphones you are totally immersed in a 3D environment. Try it out.

  1. Jordan Cain says:

    Mike, we have those trees in our front yard in TN. They look like little helicopters flying in the breeze; they are so pretty!

    I just happened to have my headphones right next to me as I read this post. The song is beautiful, and you’re right I love all the background noises and elements to the song, so neat!

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