What is a Missional Community? (via Jeff Vanderstelt)

Posted: 07/11/2011 in Uncategorized
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Over the past few months we have been preparing for the future at Revolution. A central strategy is going to be the formation of Missional Communities…

What is a Missional Community, you ask?

Well, as we have been learning and preparing to start Missional Communities in Tucson, we have actually been graciously encouraged and supported by the leadership at Soma Communities in Tacoma, WA. So instead of answering that myself, I’ll defer to one of the leaders from Tacoma, Jeff Vanderstelt, who has been doing this for a while now.

I posted the video for Gospel Fluency to provide the beginning to answering the question: “How do we develop a Gospel Fluent Culture?” I am going to post the second part to that series once it is edited. Now, before I start answering some of the other questions that have been posted, I want to clarify what a Missional Community is. The next post will describe how it works at Soma Communities. After that I will begin with “How do you do this with … Read More

via Jeff Vanderstelt

  1. I was wondering…have you connected with Josh Reich at all in Tucson? He is also transitioning his church to Missional Communities and working very closely with us at Soma. If you haven’t connected, I encourage you to do so. I’ll help if possible (Besides, we are working on the development of a Soma Church Planting Hub in Phoenix and Tucson now).


    • mgmstudious says:

      I just joined on staff with Revolution Church. We have definitely connected :). I’m headed up for Soma School in October, I can’t wait to see everything in action.

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