Coffee = No Sleep + Wanting Your Thoughts

Posted: 06/22/2011 in Running the Race, Sermons/Bible Study Revelations, Things I’ll Probably Plagiarize, Worth Checking Out

Last night I was up doing some reading and researching for a upcoming sermon. I had my favorite pens, all of my books at arm’s reach, everything was laid out perfectly and the evening was open for getting some serious work done. The problem: I could not stay awake for anything.

This is an easy fix: pull out the French press and brew up a stiff cup of joe.

Ahhh, how effective caffeine is. The rest of the evening my eyes didn’t droop for a second and, if you ignore the slight shaking of my hands, nothing was going to stop me from having a productive evening.

After a great evening I decided to put everything away and call it a night, at which point I laid in bed for hours completely unable to fall asleep.

Sure the double dose of caffeine had kept me from falling asleep, BUT the double dose of caffeine was keeping me from falling asleep… (satisfaction & effectiveness sometimes is all about timing.). So, I stared at the ceiling imagining faint images* cast from the blue light of my clock as it ticked on, and on, and on.

Around 1 am I decided enough was enough, so I made myself a nice warm chamomile tea and looked at an ever growing pile of books that I want/need to read. Wanting something that would be a fairly straightforward read, I grabbed a book that I bought to further sharpen how to articulate the core of the Christian faith: What is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert. When I was in Australia I spent dozens of hours a week talking about the gospel, but there was a statement at the beginning that made me pause:

What is the gospel of Jesus Christ?

You’d think that woudl be an easy question to answer, especially for Christians. In fact, you’d think that writing a book like this – one asking Christians to think carefully about the question: “What is the gospel of Jesus?” – would be completely unnecessary. It’s like asking carpenters to sit around and ponder the question: “What is a hammer?”

After all, the gospel of Jesus Christ stands at the very center of Christianity, and we Christians claim to be about the gospel above all else. It’s what we intend to found our lives upon and build our churches around. It’s what we speak to others about, and it’s what we pray they also will hear and believe.

For all that, how firm a grasp do you tink most Christians really have on the content of the Christian gospel? How would you answer if someone asked you: “What is this news that Christians go on and on about? And what’s so good about it?”

That made me wonder how you would answer those questions. Of all of my posts I would REALLY LOVE to hear what each of you have to say, even if you aren’t quite sure. I’m not looking for a dissertation, and I’m not looking to judge anyone on how well its constructed, but I’m looking to see how you would answer those questions… lets say… if a friend or co-worker asked you over a cup of coffee.

Also I have set up a form that will send me the answers directly, so that if you aren’t totally confident you don’t have to worry about it being published on the comment wall. Again PLEASE RESPOND, I really, really would love to know your thoughts on this. 🙂

* There is jellyfish, and a couple mountains and something that looks oddly like the Starbucks logo… but that might have been the coffee talking.


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