Heapsong2 … it begins again.

Posted: 06/20/2011 in (Re)Tune
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About three months ago I took part in an online project by a musician that I have loved for years, Imogen Heap. From conception to delivery, heapsong1, which later became Lifeline, involved two weeks of input and collaboration from hundreds of fans, and changed so many of my thoughts on social media, art and the creative process.

It was also a staunch reminder of how much work it takes to make anything of value and beauty.

If you haven’t heard the piece I’ve included the video below (note: Its a bit avant garde) . In addition to this is a video of how the entire project worked.

I love music. I love seeing the creative process as well, especially with an artist whose work I so thouroughly appreciate. I love being challenged to think innovatively about a problem, and how to pause and look at the world around me with fresh eyes.

I am not sure of how God works it into my heart, but so often He will use poetry, and music and art to pumice my heart and renewing the sensitivity with with I experience the world around me. I love that He doesn’t tire of reminding me of his glory that is reflected in his creation. I love that he can take a project put together by a secular artist, and use it to invite me into deeper relationship and praise. I love that worship isn’t only the songs we sing bookending the sermon, but that it can, and should, be interwoven with every aspect of our lives.

Today at 3:00 the next project begins and over the next two weeks heapsong2 will emerge. Check out the website if you want to join in on all of the fun.

I will probably post about it every couple of days.


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