Sitting at a Coffee Shop

Posted: 06/18/2011 in Musings, Sermons/Bible Study Revelations, Uncategorized
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There is a line from a book that I love, “Kingdom of Couches”:

I am neurotically introspective. I like coffee and conversations that last longer than they should.

I am not sure if that was the best way to start this post, but I am re-reading this book and it made me smile.

And I feel as though I could easily have said that about myself, unbeknownst to the plagarism. Ahh a kindred spirit at a coffee shop.

     And I write this becuase I am currently sitting at a coffee shop, working on a sermon of the book of Job.

          And I’m stuck.

Actually the problem isn’t not knowing what to preach on, its knowing what NOT to preach on. I currently have enough ideas and notes to preach a good eight or nine sermons, but I’m staring at an empty cup of coffee and praying about which of these options I should follow.

If you could be praying for me I would appreciate it. Until then enjoy a video on the joys of coffee (something I thank God for making… creating), and the challenge to stop and savor something that easily be overlooked as commonplace:



  1. shasta says:

    im so excited you’re gonna preach!

  2. mgmstudious says:

    Me too 🙂

    It took a bit of editing, but I’ve picked a direction and I’m actually really excited about it. The crazy thing is that I am actually nervous about the speaking portion. There is something very different about preaching at the Living Room/George’s Living Room/Cutter’s Point and being up on a lighted “stage” like that.

    Also the time restraints are going to be awesome, but challenging, my goal is to run through the sermon a couple of times this week to make sure it doesn’t run too long :). Always, ALWAYS a good thing.

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