What’s Making Me Smile – Grand Rapids, MI

Posted: 06/02/2011 in Remembering to Smile, Worth Checking Out
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Imagine you are reading through Newsweek and you find the following article:

For anyone who might be an investor, or who might be thinking about plummeting market values… this might be the writing on the wall to get out of Dodge Grand Rapids. To have a national magazine declare that your city is defunct, unhealthy, and on its way out might be disheartening, but this city isn’t going to go without a fight. 

Or at least a song.

I heard about this and I couldn’t help but smile at the upbeat, friendly indignation of this city. Instead of nodding to the tough times experienced throughout Michigan and making any excuses, they decided to “band” together as a city and prove their worth with what Roger Ebert calls “The Greatest Music Video Ever Made.”

If you have a few minutes take a stroll through downtown Grand Rapids, witness a football game, kyakers, pyrotechnics, singing mayors, nerf wars, pillow fights and a marching band and a city unite to prove, to the tune of Don McLean’s “American Pie,” that they aren’t going anywhere.

You go Grand Rapids. GREAT JOB!!


  1. I have to say being from Michigan, it was going downhill in..well, everything for quite a long time. Probably even before I moved.

    • mgmstudious says:

      Fair, but I still will give them “mad props” for putting together a video like this. I don’t think Grand Rapids will ever be a metropolis like LA or New York, but I also don’t see cities like this coming together to make something so fun. They may not have amazing restaurants or concert venues, but if there are creative people like this, it could have a decent amount of appeal.

      LOL Right now, I think I am enough of a fan of G.R. that very little could dampen my appreciation of this small city.

  2. Thanks for sharing something positive about my beautiful state! I won’t lie, there isn’t really anything (except maybe Detroit….) that could make me dislike the Great Lakes state. And while we have hit hard times, it is as you say, a community, above all else, that still pulls together and is united.

    Oh, and did I mention it is a gorgeous place to be? 🙂

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