The last few months have been daunting. Only now do I realize that falling off the face of the earth with the last post being on the topic of endurance has a degree of poetry to it.

    I have not been doing very well at my endurance and this can be seen as I haven’t done all that well at keeping up on blogging… and laundry and … we’ll leave it there.

    Today I got home from work and realized that I had enough time for a nap, but instead of laying down I thought I might take the little bit of extra time to read a few of my favorite blogs and post something quickly. I’m really glad I did.

    My homepage points to and I saw the following poem about being single:

    I will wait for you

    Written & Performed by: JANETTE…IKZ

    I love this for so many reasons:

    1. How this makes my heart beat… I can’t explain this any other way
    2. The creative commitment to craft such an amazing piece of worship
    3. THE HUGE CALL to what it looks like to be a godly man & godly woman (starts at 5:30 & 6:16)

    I, as one who has been fairly confident about being single, have been thinking for some time about dating and marriage. The more that I study, the more that I journal, the more that I seek God for what this looks like, the more I realize what a high calling I MUST view the office of husband and father.

    …and I will know you, because when you speak I will be reminded of Solomon’s wisdom, your ability to lead will remind me of Moses, your faith will remind me of Abraham, your confidence in God’s word will remind me of Daniel, your inspiration will remind me of Paul, your heart for God will remind me of David, your attention to detail will remind me of Noah, you integrity will remind me of Joseph, and your ability to abandon your own will remind me of the disciples, but your ability to love selflessly and unconditionally will remind me of Christ.

    At these words I sat stunned, heart beating and jaw dropped.

    I want to be that kind of man.

    Listening to this Godly woman bravely testify to what kind of man she is waiting for, sent shock waves through the weak, lazy, self-serving complacency I have allowed to settle in my heart. I am sitting here now, actually yearning to finish this post so that I can spend time with God and in his word.

    Before I go, this next video, in conjunction with the last, is doing an excellent job at re-focusing my personal aim to what kind of man I want to be.

    For The True Man of God

    Written & Performed by: Matthew Lee

    1. shasta says:

      wow…she so inspires me!

    2. Jordan says:

      Wow! She was amazing, and like Shasta said oh so inspiring! I have always had that want in my heart to be married, and at times have thought about it often. Recently though, I have been thankful for my singleness, realizing that it has given me time to figure out who I want to be when I meet him and knowing that God is shaping me, teaching me, loving me, and allowing me to grow closer to him while I wait.

      On the other hand, I told my mom though that I think 28 sounds like a good year to get married. LOL. That gives me all of 27 and 28 to figure that out. But in all seriousness I know that when or if I get married is all in God’s timing and not mine. 🙂

    3. Wow.
      And that’s about all I can say.

      What a call, and what a reminder.

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