Worth Checking Out – heapsong1 (day1)

Posted: 03/14/2011 in Introductions, Musings, Worth Checking Out

I love adventure… exploration and the discovery of something new.

While that will sometimes involve hiking or caving, it is more often satiated through the books and music.

One artist that I have absolutely been enamored with over the past decade is a one: Imogen Heap.

I was first introduced to her work through the band Frou Frou during the last scenes of Garden State, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Actually some of you might remember my excitement and anticipation for her last album Ellipse… the only album I have ever gone so far as to pre-order.

If I had to distill my appreciation for her music it would be somewhere near to: wonder. Wonder at the world, the relationships and texture of life, but also this sense of “I wonder if…”

I wonder if I could use footfalls as percussion?

I wonder if I could write a song using samples from locust?

I wonder if I could write a whole album by collaborating with fans? And that is indeed what she is doing.

heapsong1 (day1)

Over the next 15 days, on a set schedule and collaborating with a world wide community Imogen Heap is beginning a creative process that will become her next album.  If you want more information check out www.imogenheap.com… or for the project heapsong1.imogenheap.com. As it sounds like a fun experience I am going to be taking part, and appending the instructions for the day on this site.

If you are interested, join in.

Don’t know what’s going on?
Listen to Imogen as she explains about today’s plan…

Today is a big day, this is the beginning of Heapsong1 and it is also a big day for me because this is the beginning of my new album. I am going to be doing a new song every three months, I am going to be writing and then releasing them when they’re meaningful to me, not three years later! So this time, you begin the album. You are going to be the seeds. The ink blocks on a huge canvas of endless possibilities. It could be anything from rustling leaves to wine glasses. It could be the sound of you cracking a twig against the tree that inspires the whole rhythm of the song. Anything could work, so don’t be shy! You could also upload drum loops you’ve made etc if you like, but I am more looking for everyday sounds that will spin me off on a tangent and take me somewhere new. I’m looking forward to being here and seeing what you’ve got!

I will be live online at 6am, noon, 6pm and midnight (GMT times) to discuss and listen to what you’ve been uploading via soundcloud. This page will go live on Monday 00.01 for you to begin uploading sounds. (goes without saying but will say it anyway that all sounds need to have been recorded by you or you have permission to use for this project). Please don’t send in really long recordings as I only have today to go through them. Think ink blots rather than full sentences.

Update 1:

So I ran out of time today and so while I had fun making sounds, I didn’t have time to find any that were all that crazy. That being said here are some of the potential “Sound Seeds” I submitted…

  1. Mom/Sally says:

    I think your “sounds seeds” are great and Imogen, as great as she is, will appreciate them.

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