Lost in a Journal

Posted: 03/14/2011 in Man of God, Musings, Personal Walk
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I took last week off from blogging and spent the time thinking through the next season of life that is at my doorstep. I love using this medium as a tool to distill my thoughts, but when you need to sincerely address fears, hopes, concerns and how they might align to a calling in life, it seemed more appropriate to go to my journal.

Its not as though my thoughts have been all that intimate that I haven’t wanted to share, but I kept finding myself with the urge of using this platform to either distract and hide from the issues, or to posture and paint myself in the best light possible. Neither of which are very helpful when trying to navigate through some good, tough, life-changing decisions.

Speaking of decisions… while I think the decision not to blog about this was wise, exclusively going to my journal wasn’t.

Somewhere at the intersection of “I can figure this one out on my own” and “I want to look like I have it all together”, I probably, quite literally, drank a gallon of Earl Grey tea and wrote to my hearts content.

The problem: for every answer that I came to, I came up with three or four more with which to distract myself.

What I desperately needed was some good counsel.

When I say counsel I don’t mean going to bunch of random people for their opinions and advice. What I mean is, swallowing my pride, going to wise people I respect and listening, learning and submitting to their leadership in order to navigate this maze.  To admit that I can’t see the forest for the trees and to humbly ask for help.

This shouldn’t be a novel idea to me. Our Christian lives are called to be lived in community, in community with God, and with the people God has providentially placed in our lives in the church. Sadly, I so often live my life as though it is a solo effort.

So humbly I’ll admit, if it weren’t for the prayers, wisdom and hard, loving truth that I have recieved over the past week, I would probably still be lost in a journal.

  1. Glad you found your way back.

  2. Mom/Sally says:

    Wish it wasn’t so hard to find the wise people. Your “thoughts” inspire my own and I need to be more actively involved in the community you speak of…thank you for being wise person, Michael.

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