Tuning up the Heart

Posted: 03/04/2011 in (Re)Tune, Personal Walk, Running the Race, Worth Checking Out
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Yesterday I admitted to being wrong and silly when it came to how a person plays the guitar.

The day before I talked about the how God uses tragedy in our lives to draw us to know Him and love Him more fully and accurately through the story of Job.

Thankfully, not many of us will ever have to endure the pain of losing all of our children, all of our possessions, and then go through a painful season of physical sickness. While this might seem like it renders the book of Job into a worst-case scenario, that we pray never happens to us, there are so many things that can happen in our lives that mirror the utter destruction we see in Job’s life.

The great thing about Job is it a narrative that we can identify with. There is something to be said about our heart and our mind’s ability to engage with truth when it is lived out.  Here is a brief story about God being in control and working compassionately through what seems like destruction and loss.

I love the line in this video… “the things that He is most concerned about, in my worship to Him, is for me to never forget that the instrument He is most concerned with, is the instrument of my heart.


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