“This Isn’t How It Is Done!”

Posted: 03/03/2011 in (Re)Tune, Remembering to Smile, Worth Checking Out
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This morning I was listening to an album of classical music that was written in the mid 20th century.

I find it absolutely amazing, but Maria, one of my favorite people who works in this building, came up and asked me what I was listening to, and it wasn’t the “What are you listening to, I want a copy of that” type of inquiry.

Actually, Maria is one of the only people I see on a regular basis. I work in a large vault in the basement of my building, and Maria, who is the bulding’s custodial manager, is really the only one who comes down here with any consistency. The great thing is that her English is about as good as my Spanish and we have an awesome time working through how to communicate with each other.

At first I thought Maria was saying that the music was too scary, but then I realized she meant it was too gloomy, it made her feel like it should be raining.

As we went back and forth testing the boundaries of our vocabulary, I explained that I didn’t want to listen to music with words (lyrics), and she put forth the challenge of me changing my music to something more like a picnic rather than a rainy day… I SO wish I could explain how we got there.

Our meandering conversation ended up with us laughing, her appropriately mocking my tastes in instrumental music as we went through my iPod… that is until I reached the album Fates by Erik Mongrain. With Maria’s seal of approval, and a nod that it reminded her of a picnic we both continued about our day.

I am sitting here on my coffee break and I realized that I haven’t listened to this album in over a year, and I’ve forgotten how much I like it.

It was a strange find, and I bought it after I watched a grainy youtube video of Erik Mongrain playing a guitar. Not just playing a guitar, but hammering one, it was something different than I had ever seen. I remember thinking, quite adamantly, “this isn’t how it is done,” but the sound was both exciting and also so unlike what I thought a guitar could produce.

I love learning that I am wrong.

Check it out:

  1. shasta says:

    like! it makes me happy that you have a relationship with her 😀

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