Remembering to Smile

Posted: 02/23/2011 in Introductions, Remembering to Smile, Worth Checking Out
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The past two posts have been me taking myself rather seriously. The week is halfway through and here are a couple things that are making me smile:

Video Games

I was just introduced to the American composer, Leopold Godowsky. The one thing that amazed me is how much his style seems to be used in video game music, particularly the Final Fantasy series. Listening to it reminded me of this compliation of video game music.

Little Big Planet

While we are on the topic of video games, if you have never played Little Big Planet, it is worth trying. If you have, this video should make you smile.


As you can probably tell from the last clip, I really enjoy watching people reimagine something commonplace and view it through a different lens. I have been a fan of Disney films from my youth, and it is awesome to see an “Old-school Disney”/Pixar mash-up.


Finally, with no segue, here is a musical number meant to make you laugh.

  1. Pong. *sighs with nostalgia, then smiles*

  2. coffeenut79 says:

    there were no smiles here…. Just pure laughter! Those were great videos. 🙂 The first is my favorite though. Video game music always did mesmerize me, especially Zelda!!

  3. Mom/Sally says:

    I smiled, teared up a little at the adorable tetris cubes, and while laughing, could totally relate to the “Beefs of 2010.” Thanks for the fun kick-start to my Thursday.

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