(Re)tune – What Music Do You Like?

Posted: 02/21/2011 in (Re)Tune, Musings, Sleep, Worth Checking Out
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After a week of being knocked out by this cold, I am finally back in the world of the living. Bring on a nice stiff cup of coffee because I’m ready to get some work done.

I have a plan for what I want to post this week, but I wanted to answer a question, or at least try to, that I was asked two weeks ago:

What kind of music do you like?

It really is a legitimate question. I’m not saying that a person’s music is an instant signifier of whether you will like them or not, but it certainly provides texture to a person’s personality.

I actually wonder at times what my music does say about me. About a month ago I was at a dinner meeting with a new group that I’m excited to start working with, and the question of music came up. I forget how it came up, but whether I listened to country music certainly was asked. I do have a collection of country albums, but I also really like Bjork and the Swell Season and Daft Punk and Miles Davis.

So what texture might I characterize my music collection: Schizophrenic?

Here is a taste… I love just about anything written by Eric Whitacre, a contemporary composer who excels at choral works. As I have talked about my nocturnal habits on this blog before, here is his work based on Robert Frost’s poem “Sleep”:

There is something so unencumbered and piercing about the vocal music. Now before I come across as a choral or classical purist and snob, I also really enjoy what was done as a remix of this performance as well.

(Note: The overlaid talking at the outset and at 0:00:32 is from a talk by Richard Dawkins on the topic of death. Dawkins is someone I disagree with pretty vehemently, but I found the music sample worth using. That being said if you want to know my thought on the two sentences that are added here or on Dawkin’s shoot me a message.)

(Note 2: Someone just pointed out that the link provided by youtube after this clip is to a band called “Lamb of God.” I checked the link… 2 things: 1. Lets just say they are a group that would more likely play Ozzfest than on “K-Love” 2. As this is about personal musical tastes,… both, thrash metal/death metal and “K-Love” aren’t at the top of the list of what I find particularly enjoyable… 🙂 .)

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  2. Mom/Sally says:

    WOW…so enjoyed “Sleep.” You mentioned music adds a texture to your personality…as I observed the faces of all those choir members, I saw an amazing amount of texture…and hope. They have slowed down to study, work, and refine a beautiful piece of music and something magical took place. That magic happened to you Michael, and it is a lovely thing. If having an appreciation of a wide range of music is “schizophrenic” then “having a mentality or approach characterized by inconsistent or contrary elements” is a good thing. 🙂

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