I love the Discovery channel.

Actually it is one of the reasons I am so glad that I don’t have a television.

Any time that I have the opportunity I am sucked into this awesome, semi-educational television and I have no idea where the afternoon/evening goes. Of all of the programming my favorite show is Dirty Jobs. I don’t know what it is, but each episode brings such an amazing gross-out fascination that I feel compelled to watch. 

Online, TED talks are among the online things that grabs my attention rather effectively. TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) conferences bring together innovators and leaders within multiple fields and invite them to share their ideas. Some are ridiculous, most are fascinating, and once again I feel compelled to watch.

So what happens when Mike Rowe, the host of Dirty Jobs, was invited to speak at TED? It proved to be anything but a mess… and can I say that I love the words perapetia and anagnorisis.

(Note: One of the anecdotes comes from an episode of the show involving the bobbing and castration of lambs)

  1. This was brilliant!

    Question, though: Did you know perapetia and anagnorisis before watching the video?

  2. mgmstudious says:

    Yes, but only because of a teacher in high school who loved Oedipus. I love the idea of that revelation though… wait? what?!?! He was my father?!?! WAIT she’s my MOTHER?!?!? Its the only thing that redeems that story.

  3. Jordan says:

    Whoa. That was great, who knew he was such a fantastic speaker?! I love the show as well, and had never seen the episode he mentioned – since he described it in such detail, I guess I’ll never have to! (Thank Goodness!)

  4. Jordan says:

    Mike, I loved that part when Mike mentioned the captian saying “my job is only to make you rich, you want to live, that’s on you!” I’ve never heard him speak apart from the shows that he does, so that was good to watch. I liked his comments on advocacy for the hard working man!

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