Best Superbowl Ads – “Car”ma & Vader

Posted: 02/08/2011 in Worth Checking Out
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It isn’t a surprise to many people, that I watch the Superbowl as much for the ads as I do the game. While I was tempted to embrace a bit of Schadenfreude (awesome word) to the Aguillar-ian version of the National Anthem, and how terribly the music for the halftime show was mixed… I have opted to take the high road and post my favorite commercials of the evening.

As for why I think these are the best… I’m think it is the fist pump by the gopher and the body language of young Vader… and that all the other commercials seemed rather gimmicky. BTW where were the clydesdale ads? I’m not a fan of Budweiser, but I missed them this year.

  1. You’ve clearly declared war against hard work… blogging when you ought to be working!

    • mgmstudious says:

      LOL I actually have been writing these before work, and scheduling them to post during the day so that I don’t have to. That would be awesome though… paid to blog. Nice.

  2. Kaura says:

    Those were my favorite commercials this year too 🙂 I also liked the Pepsi Max commercial where the wife throws the can at her husbands head and it ends up hitting the runner next to them.

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