Getting Exactly What I Asked For

Posted: 02/03/2011 in Musings
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I have a couple of 15 minute breaks through my day and I thought I would wrap up some research for the fruit of Spirit, focusing on love.

I have been reading commentaries and books and I finally thought of a question on which I wanted to gain more perspective.  After grabbing a cup of coffee, I sat down and went to google to ask probably one of the deepest questions I have ever typed into a search engine:

What is Love?

This is what it gave me.

  1. coffeenut79 says:

    LOL!!! Mairi and I were staring at the bobbing heads and thought it was absolutely silly. The music has a fun beat, but eh…. I don’t think that really even scratches the surface of what love is. 😉
    (getting my coffee this late afternoon… Its been a late morning)

  2. david johnson says:

    haha! that is great mike!

  3. Deb says:

    I didn’t even notice the link until I came back to reply. This song and scene are one of my all time favorites.

    I read your post this morning and also had this verse in mind:

    Remember not the sins of my youth and my rebellious ways;
    According to your love remember me, for You are good, O Lord.
    Psalm 25:7

    It reminds me that love covers a multitude of sins.

    • mgmstudious says:

      Great stuff Deb,
      Also thank you for lending me the book on Humility. Great read.

      Keeping you in prayer, keep me in the loop on what the future looks like as you figure it out.

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