Gabe Zimmerman & Gabby Giffords: A Tribute – Liking a Movie for 5 Words

Posted: 01/11/2011 in Worth Checking Out

I don’t know about you, but I always have the feeling as though I could have done something more. If you look at my to-do list it is a constant reminder that the task is not yet complete and there is still work to be accomplished.

This might seem an odd way to introduce a movie, but if any movie can handle an odd introduction it is Alice in Wonderland.  While the Lewis Carrol story is a testament of all things strange and “curious-er” the Tim Burton “sequel/spin-off” left me with a different type of uneasiness.

In all honesty, I remember sitting in the theatre sporting my super chic 3D glasses, feeling compelled to love the film due to the “Voltron”-ic powerhouse of a Burton-Carrol union, but being relatively unimpressed… that is until 5 words were spoken:

Rest now, you’ve done well.

Over the past week this has held sway to my heart in two different ways.


This last weekend certainly embraced the strange and bizzare, but instead of a jolly jaunt into Wonderland, it seemed something akin to a nightmare. While I was prepping for my sermon on the effectiveness of the Church, I heard from a friend about the the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

As for a bit of back story, I had the privelege of working on Gabby’s first campaign for federal office, where I got to work with the Finance committee and I tagged along as the general amatuer videographer for speeches and other events. At the same time I got to know a number of the campaign staff including Gabe Zimmerman, an acquaintence from high school who quickly embraced and involved me into the campaign.

I certainly have differing views on a number of political issues, but it doesn’t in any way diminish the utmost honor I have from having worked and celebrated alongside these amazing, inspiring servants.

I can’t even write about what happened on Saturday, but as Gabby is currently in critical condition at UMC and Gabe is no longer with us… my heart is so, so heavy. And then it comes to mind…”Rest now, you’ve done well.”

I say this because, even though last Saturday tries to eclipse my memories of them, Gabe leaves a legacy so much brighter than the dark events of that day. And as I pray for Gabby’s full recovery, I am reminded and encouraged to have such an intelligent, compassionate and hard working leader working for this community.

Beyond the amazing things that they have each accomplished, there is no way we could even scratch the surface to how their infectious, joyful personalities and their committment to care for those around them changed the lives of so many people.

It carries a different significance for both, but … “Rest now, you’ve done well.”

The second reason this phrase grips me…I don’t think I’m up for writing today… I will come back to it in another post.


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