The 20 Miles – Getting Started

Posted: 12/29/2010 in Running

This morning I am supposed to run twenty miles.  Actually that isn’t entirely true, last Saturday I was supposed to run twenty miles, but I have shifted around my training schedule to have my long run today.

While it might seem like a 20 mile run is a rather masochistic thing to do on a Wednesday morning, in the midst of training for a marathon, it is an important step in the process. (An incredibly daunting process of getting your body ready to run a little over 26 miles)

Despite my knowledge that this is a “good thing,” I am looking at laundry that need to be folded, bills to be paid and a couple of other tasks and wondering if I can put it off for a few more days.  I know I will feel great having it done, but also pretty spent for the remainder of the day. And I’m now realizing that I am online, procrastinating, trying to think up more excuses and reasons not to get out there and do this.

Well, here’s for accountability and hoping this goes well; I’m strapping on my shoes and headed out the door.

  1. Jordan says:

    Good Luck! Hope it’s a nice day for your run and that you make it through! Of course you can do it though, it’s just the actual getting out there and starting to run that is the hard part! I am the biggest procrastinator, seriously! But once I start something, it’s much easier to finish. I will make up a million reasons to not begin something in the first place though!

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