Worth Checking Out – Timeless Phone Comedy

Posted: 12/28/2010 in Worth Checking Out

So I have a number of posts drafted that I need to edit through and I’m running through my day, but I saw the following from the sixties and pleasantly surprised at how relevant it still is.

I’m not bitter or anything (an opening that effectively negates itself), but I was talking to my dad about Sprint, and some issues that we had with the insurance policy on our phones, and found myself frustrated with the ability of the phone company to change policies and procedures whenever convenient for them.

The first of these involved an unlimited data plan that they happened to change their mind on and tried to alter the contract of without telling us… for anyone else that would constitute a breach of contract, for a phone company it is a simple policy change. Additionally, I have insurance on my phone in case I wash it along with a pair of jeans (totally has happened), but now, despite paying a extra monthly fee for “phone-insurance”, Sprint has delightfully changed the procedure on honoring the same insurance for my dad. Ugh.

Both situations are really water under the bridge (at least until new contracts need to be signed), but I saw the following and it made me smile… also if you aren’t familiar with Lilly Tomlin, she is one of the comic geniuses of the past 50 years that you should get to know:

  1. Jordan says:

    Michael Miller! I was just looking at your blog a few weeks ago, and thought, “wonder if he’s going to write anything new?” =)

    I totally understand your frustration with the cell phone company! I have never had any problems with Verizon, but plenty with Qwest! I loved this video! 😀

    See you soon! I’ll be in town on 12/31!

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