Training (Session 1): The Theology of Sleep

Posted: 12/11/2009 in Musings, Personal Walk, Running the Race, Sleep, Uncategorized

This past weekend I have been thinking and journaling about the mechanics, and the psychology and the disciplines of running. I finally realized Saturday afternoon, the best course of action was to strap on the shoes and try using a run “jog” my creative sensibilities back into gear.

Shoes… check.

Weather… check.

Path… check.

Energy… energy? … hmmm

No matter what I did, to try to convince myself to run, I was far too mentally and physically drained.

It is no wonder, but over the previous week I probably averaged about 4.5 hours a night of sleep, and no matter how many trips to Starbucks, that will certainly catch up with you. For some of you might be painfully apparent, but there seems to be a inseparable connection with sleep/rest and the ability to run well. It attacks your motivation, your stamina, your attitude; something I can personally attest to.  Additionally, according to “Runner’s World,” you are far more likely to get injured when you are tired.

No Sleep + Running = The anti-martha-stewartzian . . . NOT a good thing.

Even as I am typing this (sitting at a Starbucks, fighting through only sleeping for 2 hours last night), I also feel the strong suspicion that the amount of sleep I get directly effects my spiritual walk. This might seem a little strange, and if I hadn’t looked at it seriously I think I might have conveniently missed it, but I really am beginning to believe it is true (please correct me if you think I am barking up the wrong tree).

When I am tired, I know that I am less likely to pray, less likely to read my bible, less likely to think about anyone other thanmyself AND more likely to succumb to temptation, more likely to react in frustration and be angry and more likely to be generally unfriendly, unforgiving and un-Christlike. And all over SLEEP!?!?! Who’da guessed? Certainly not me.

SO… over the next few weeks instead of focusing on running massive numbers of miles, or focusing on what does it look like to be running as a Christian, I am going to study and focus on sleep.  For those of you who know me well, the topic of rest-sabbath-relaxation-sleep  might stop this journey all together, but I think it is a vital place to stop and learn what God might have to say.


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